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What is a Tarot Card Reading?

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December 24th, 2013

A mysterious woman in gaudy robes, with dangling earrings and bangles, speaking in sonorous tones that hint of menace as she foretells the future of someone else – that’s what the iconic image of a tarot card reader usually is, in the minds of many. Is such an image based on fact? Can a tarot reader actually foretell the future?
Thinking of tarot cards as instruments solely of divination or fortune telling is not accurate, not by a long shot. A tarot spread – which is what a layout of tarot cards is known by – is actually a diagram of your past, present, and possible future.
The spread is meant for the examination of one’s inner self, meaning it is your emotions and thoughts that are involved. Tarot card reading is not a form of divination because tarot (pronounced with a silent final “t”) cards are not a tool that a tarot card reader uses to predict the future.
Instead, tarot card readings are done by a reader based on a spread or layout that the one being read gives his or her vibrational emanations to. These vibrations happen on a higher plane than the physical one.
Major and Minor Arcana
Tarot cards are made up of either the major or minor arcana. Just as in the case of standard playing cards, the Minor Arcana also has suits. However, they are not the standard clubs, hearts, diamonds, or spades. Instead tarot card suits are the:
• pentacles or circles
• swords
• cups
• wands
The Major Arcana does not have any kind of suit, they are instead numbered picture cards representing ideals, principles, and concepts. The “Fool” is a zero, while other cards are labeled from 1 to 21.
Non-Literal Meanings
Although from the perspective of some, there are tarot cards with horrifying names such as Death, the Devil, and the Hanged Man, they are not supposed to be regarded or understood in a literal sense. That is to say, when the Death card is revealed, it does not mean that the person getting the reading is about to die.
The interpretation of the cards is dependent on questions asked, as well as on the position of the tarot card when it is revealed. A card seen in a right-side up position will always have a different meaning from an upside-down position. For example, the Death card seen right-side up signifies major changes or a monumental transition, a new life, a fresh start. When the Death card appears upside-down, then it signifies that the one receiving the reading is not prepared, or may be averse, to change happening. That is why the change involved can be painful, sometimes even traumatic.
Should You Have a Tarot Card Reading?
It should entirely be your decision to get a tarot card reading or not, as there is a belief that the energies that are required for an accurate reading will not come into play when there is an element of coercion involved. To be able to find out what is a tarot card reading from a broader perspective will take a lot of practice and learning. Tarot card readings are not rocket science, but neither are they child’s play.

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