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What is a Ouija Board?

Ouija board
December 23rd, 2013

Can you imagine summoning demons and evil spirits to answer questions you might have? Hollywood has done a good job of using the Ouija Board as a tool for getting a lot of scared gasps from movie audiences, the kind that are into horror or supernatural movies. But what is a Ouija Board, really?
A Primitive Need
Ouija Boards have been traced to China, all the way back to 1100 B.C. For all we know, however, it could have been invented much earlier somewhere else. That’s not a remote possibility considering that the Ouija Board touches a primitive need that’s common to most of humanity, whatever the race or heritage. That need has to do with a yearning to find out what’s there beyond this life. Is there life after death (or life after life, as some prefer to put it) or does everything simply end in the annihilation of the self when death happens?
Piercing the Veil
A Ouija Board is also known as a Spirit Board or a Talking Board because its main purpose is to get in touch with spirits of those who have gone ahead and present them with specific questions that usually have to do with:
• Assuaging the loneliness of those left behind
• Completing any unfinished business of the deceased (particularly when undistributed inheritance or lost documents are involved)
• Finding out what life in the hereafter is like
• Finding out the answer to such matters as reincarnation, hell and punishment, karma, and other concerns that have not been definitely proved or disproved, one way or the other
In other words, the Ouija Board supposedly serves as some kind of supernatural communication system, that allows spirits of the dead, along with elementals, to answer the questions of the living.
Elementals are gnomes, undines, sylphs, and salamanders (not the animals, but the legendary spirits). They all have a counterpart in the four elements of nature, which are: earth, water, wind and fire. As spirit manifestations, elementals are said to be powerful, and capable of using the strength of the element of nature to which they correspond to do what they want.
The Ouija Board is meant to pierce the veil that separates this world from the world of spirits, whether elemental or formerly a human of flesh and bone.
How the Ouija Board Works
The Ouija is designed as a flat board with letters from A to Z, numbers from 0 to 9, and symbols of the Sun and the Moon, painted or carved on it. The words Yes, No, and Goodbye are also present on the board. The Planchette is the part of the board that is the moving indicator for the formation of the replies.
As a paranormal tool, the Ouija’s Planchette is said to point out the answers to any questions raised by those using the board. Sometimes, the answers are said to be very accurate and relevant. There are also times when they are said to be mysterious and confusing. Sometimes, the Planchette just refuses to move and people say it’s all a hoax.

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