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Theresa Caputo: A Closer Look

theresa caputo
December 31st, 2013

Of all the human emotions already known to humanity, grief (a very natural  reaction  to loss, especially one occasioned by death) is the one that can be most devastating and exhausting. To deal with grief, some people resort to following the loved one who left them behind: they also kill themselves. Some retreat into a shell of silence, pushing the pain deep inside them, letting it fester and grow, until it becomes completely unmanageable. Some turn to channeling and that’s where Theresa Caputo, dubbed as the Long Island Medium, comes in.

People will believe what they want to believe and in 2011, The Learning Channel (TLC) decided that reality shows, personal stories and family life centered programming was the way to go. Belief and reality – no matter how discordant this pairing sounds, was truly the way to go. At least it was, and still is, for Theresa Caputo and her believers/fans.

Theresa Caputo claims to be a medium, someone who can communicate with the spirits of the dead to act as a bridge between the dearly departed and the desperately hoping living. That’s the raison d’etre for the Long Island Medium tv show.

The show is based in Hicksville, New York, an unfortunately named Hamlet in Nassau County, “ville” officially meaning “town” but with an informal meaning of something “used in fictitious place names with reference to a particular quality” thanks, Google! and “hick” meaning a “person regarded as gullible or provincial.”  Hicksville, to put it mildly, could then be construed as “a town with persons regarded as gullible.”

And as we all know, gullibility refers to that characteristics of being easily deceived or duped. So, yes, gullibility is what keeps the cash registers ringing for the star and producers of Long Island Medium.

Theresa Caputo’s own family (husband Larry, children Victoria and Larry Jr.) is incredulous at her claims of being a medium. This comes as no surprise since not everyone believes in Theresa’s “special abilities” and it is easy to imagine how outsiders regard the family as a whole, and the matriarch, in particular.

Having to contend with cynical comments of neighbors, relatives, and friends can be tough. But if someone in your family made it her business to go global about her abilities to convince people that she is really able to cross the veil dividing this world with the spirit world, well…

But on second thought, Theresa Caputo’s show is being aired over a channel that thrives on reality tv, right? And she has her own website, she sells her own books, she goes on tour…

So, is there anything good about the way Theresa Caputo claims to channeling? Well, yes.

For one thing, she’s got a bubbly personality. It helps draw grieving people out of their shell and tell her, and the rest of the world, what their problems are in dealing with grief (or some other related issue).  That brings us to the second thing that can be said for Theresa Caputo, the self-proclaimed medium. Like it or not, what she’s doing is a helpful form of therapy for the grief-stricken.

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