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The Mystery Of Bigfoot

December 16th, 2014

If you’re out in the woods alone or with friends and you see something strange, what would you do first? Would you run in the other direction, hold your breath and hope for the best, or take out your camera and take a picture? You will probably do the third option as no one passes the opportunity of taking a picture for evidence of the unknown. That’s the reason why we know about Big Foot.

Big Foot is not really named Big Foot. It’s Sasquatch. Big Foot was the term used to describe the creature after finding what seemed to be a Yeti footprint. Since it was pretty big, they named it Big Foot. Very creative! The size of the footprint is quite huge for any normal person. It was recorded at 24 inches long and 8 inches wide.

Based on the different sightings and the pictures taken, Big Foot stands at around 2 to 3 meters tall, weighing over 500 pounds and had human and ape like features. Those who have reported that they have encountered the creature claimed that it had a pungent smell.

Notable Big Foot Sightings

The Sasquatch has been seen for a very long time even before the video depicting the creature strolling along the woods. As early as 1924, Albert Ostman claimed to have been captured by these creatures. As of late, in 2007, Rick Jacobs captured a picture of the creature in the Allegheny National Forest with an automatic camera.

Then there is of course the famous Patterson-Gimlin footage that was shot in 1967 that really put this mystery on the world stage:


There are a number of explanations as to who or what Big Foot really is. The most common and easily explainable one is that Big Foot is a hoax. All you need to do is be a firm sceptic and be steadfast in your belief that Big Foot is a hoax. There simply is no substantial and concrete evidence to support its existence.

The science community is split regarding the explanation of the Patterson-Gimlin film, where Big Foot was filmed. According to them, the creature is not human. A large part of the community, however, disagrees and claims that it is simply a hoax and the creature is nothing more than a man in an ape suit.

In the world of science, there are different explanations as to the existence of Big Foot. One of which is misidentification. Some scientists believe that, based on testimonies and pictures taken of the creature, it is some sort of animal of one kind or another.

Another explanation provided by scientists is the existence of a believed extinct primate, Gigantopithecus. Fossils of said creature are found in Asia, but because of the Bering land bridge, the creature could have crossed from Asia to the Americas.

Big Foot has made a huge impact on our culture. A lot of people believe the creature exists, some don’t. Maybe a few more pieces of evidence would properly direct us to the true identity and existence of Big Foot. But one thing’s for sure, he has large feet!

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