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Linda and Terry Jamison: The Psychic Twins

psychic twins
December 22nd, 2013

Two children who were born from the same pregnancy can either be “identical” or “fraternal.” The estimated birth rate for this in the country is 33.3 for every 1,000 births. These children can be of the same sex, or of the opposite sex. Unfortunately there may be some problems of twin pregnancy, such as chimerism and twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. These two siblings can exhibit unique behaviors, such as talking in an unknown language that only they can understand. Some may even form a twin connection, which some believe to be a kind of extrasensory perception (ESP).
There are documented cases of twins that have been separated at birth but have lead eerily similar lives. Some of these siblings grew up in different states, but ended up marrying women with the same first name, keeping the same jobs for the same company, and even doing the same hobbies. Other cases show that these siblings are able to finish each others’ sentences and feel the same physical sensations. A number of researchers have also studied this curious and interesting phenomenon.

Lately there have been news of Psychic Twins, namely Linda and Terry Jamison, who were able to predict the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center two years before it actually happened. Although the date wasn’t completely accurate – they said it would occur in 2002, but the attack happened on September 11, 2001 – this prediction made them widely popular.
Now the Jamison sisters are known as the Psychic Twins, a name that they made for themselves when they first entered the public eye in the early 1990s. Linda and Terry Jamison grew up in Pennsylvania and have an older brother who, unlike them, does not have any clairvoyant abilities. It was in 1990 when they started giving psychic readings and even invented the term “Twin-tuition.”
The Jamisons have also experienced their share of disbelievers. There are others who argue that if the Jamison sisters were able to foresee the terrorist attack, then they should have done something to stop it. There are even a handful of critics who are quick to point out that the Jamisons’ predictions are usually inaccurate. Despite the apparent opposition, the Jamisons have appeared in a number of television shows, talk shows, and documentaries.
They have even written and published their autobiography, “Separated at Earth,” as well as a book about intuition, “Psychic Intelligence.”

Psychic Twins

But why are there a lot of people who refuse to believe in psychics in the first place? The most probable reason is that there seems to be no scientific or obvious explanation for these occurrences. Scientists have yet to prove the existence of psychic phenomena, otherwise known as psi, which is related to the abilities of the Psychic Twins, the twin connection, and other mystic phenomena.
The power of a person’s mind may be limitless. Whether there really are psychics and special bonds formed between siblings, one cannot deny that it makes for a fascinating topic. Do you believe that such things even exist?

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