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Mystery of the Chupacabra

December 30th, 2014

The word chupacabra literally means “goat sucker”, and it is considered by mainstream scientists as a contemporary legend. Like Bigfoot, the yeti, and the Loch Ness monster, it is considered a myth albeit a more recent one.

History of the Chupacabra

The mystery of Chupacabra all started in Puerto Rico. A number of dead goats were found, and on closer inspection it was found that they had puncture wounds in their necks and their blood was drained. A 1996 article in UFO magazine alleges that there have been more than 2,000 animal mutilations in Puerto Rico that have been blamed on the chupacabra. Since then, reports have come in from Mexico, Chile, Nicaragua, and Miami. It attacks other animals, too, including dogs, rabbits, cats, and chicken.

The first eyewitness account was given in a Puerto Rico newspaper, and the witness described a creature that was similar to the monster in the movie Species. It walked on two legs and had long limbs, it had dark eyes, and its back had spikes. The eyewitness did admit that she had seen the movie Species a couple of weeks before the alleged sighting.

Today, many people simply just use the term “chupacabra” for any strange 4-footed animal they come across. Scientists have noted that the descriptions of other so-called eyewitnesses drew on the original description. They have also found that many of the supposed chupacabra victims were not drained of their blood at all.

The Ratcliffe Chupacabra

In April of 2014, a couple in Ratcliffe, Texas named Bubba and Jackie Stock managed to contain a weird-looking animal eating corn while perched on a tree. They uploaded their videos of the animal online. Since then, it was known as the Ratcliffe Chupacabra.

While some skeptics note that it can’t be the vampire of legend because its mouth does not allow it to suck blood from its victims. But still, there are some mysteries about this particular animal that needs to be explained.

– It makes a noise that no raccoon or possum produces.

– Some think that its hairlessness is due to mange disease, but there is no sign of raw skin or sores. It may not even be sick at all, because sick animals tend to be hostile and aggressive. In contrast, the Ratcliffe Chupacabra is surprisingly docile.

Still, DNA sample is needed to be sure. One earlier candidate for the chupacabra was found to be a product from a union of a female coyote and a male Mexican wolf.


For the most part, mainstream science is convinced that the original goat deaths were caused by dogs or coyotes. These canines instinctively go for the neck, and their canine teeth can cause wounds that may be similar to “vampire wounds”. Contrary to popular belief that dogs and coyotes tear up their animal victims, the opposite is in fact more typical. They just tend to bite the neck of their victim until it dies.

Until DNA analysis is complete, the Ratcliffe chupacabra remains a mystery. It may not be the legendary goat sucker, but no one’s disputing that it really does look strange.

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