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Maureen Hancock: Psychic In Suburbia

Maureen Hancock
September 10th, 2014

Maureen Hancock is a well-known medium, holistic healer, lecturer and author. She has written and published a book called The Medium Next Door, which became a best-seller. Today, thousands of people seek Maureen’s help in communicating with the dead. Many refer to her as the Psychic in Suburbia, coined after a documentary produced by Style Network and ABC Media Productions, which she starred in. Here is a clip of the show that gives you a glimpse into Maureen:

How It All Began
Maureen Hancock wasn’t born with supernatural gifts. It all began one night in 1992 when her car slid across a patch of ice on the road and slammed into a tree. The car was totaled but Maureen got out even before the rescue team arrived. A CAT scan showed that all the bones on her face was broken and there was a CSF leak in her skull. But miraculously, her skull started to heal while she was being transported to Mass General in Boston for surgery.
Although this was not the first time that Maureen beat the odds (as a toddler, she ingested enough lead paint to kill 5 people and was in a coma for several months), it was during this time that she realized she had a special ability.
She calls herself a “clairaudient.” This means she first “hears” things before she “sees.”
The Gift
During that car accident in 1992, Maureen felt and heard her deceased grandmother (she died a week before the accident). Since then, she could feel the presence of spirits. However, it was only in 2001 that her sixth sense fully emerged.
During this time, her grandmother kept showing up in her dreams and tells her things that often came true. It scared her, naturally, and so she tried to block her spiritual connection. It was only when her sister’s teenage son died in an accident that she decided it was time to open herself up to her gift.
Maureen decided to become a holistic healer in East Bridgewater and at the same time, she worked with terminally ill patients through a foundation called Seeds of Hope. She also provides private readings for parents who lost their child as well as people who have lost their loved ones.
Maureen Hancock’s gift is different from what many other psychics have. There are no generalities in her messages. She picks up on specific details and asks direct questions.
She has a show called Postcards from Heaven, which takes place each month in different local venues. At the beginning, she always tells everyone what to expect in her show.
Maureen’s not only a great psychic and medium but she’s also a comedienne. Her shows are always filled with off-the-cuff humor that keeps everyone interested and uplifts the energy and atmosphere of the room.
She has been interviewed by many national television shows and is regularly featured in radio stations all over the country. Having spent more than a decade of demystifying death, communicating and relaying the messages of the spirits, and helping others utilize their intuition, Maureen continues to provide comfort, peace and hope to thousands of people from all corners of the globe. She also has a wonderful website at

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