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World Famous Psychics

Joyce Keller: The Fame and Fortune

Joyce Keller
December 29th, 2014

There are a lot of psychics out there that rely on their paranormal gifts to make a living. There are legitimate ones who can give you a genuine and accurate psychic reading. However, some are nothing more than scam artists out to get your money. They have mastered the art of muscle reading and manipulation to make you believe that they have real psychic powers.

There are also psychics who know how to make a living without using their gift. Though they may use their gifts in other ways, it still separates them from those who just appear on stage in order to make money. And among those who can be considered legitimate psychics that do not make money from their gifts, rarely is there one who is as famous as Joyce Keller. Here is Joyce as she appears on a local news show:

Like Mother, Like Daughter

A lot of psychics claim that they are born with the paranormal gift. They claim that they already had the gift when they were young. However, not all psychics are born with it. Others develop their talent through their mentors.

Keller was not born a psychic but her mother was one. At a very young age, even before she began school, her mother taught her about dream analysis, meditation, and other things related to metaphysics. You would think that a kid her age would not be able to manifest any psychic abilities but you’d be wrong.

When Joyce started school, she noticed something about her teacher. This prompted her to approach her teacher and told her about her observations. She felt that the latter had a problem. Keller told her, “your mommy is sick. You have to go home now.” The teacher became furious and threatened to send her to the principal’s office.

This was a shattering experience to a child her age. However, the shock and fear was short lived. The next day, her teacher approached her and asked how she knew her mother was ill. She didn’t know how, but she just knew.

Keller’s Journey to Fame

Slowly, but surely, Joyce Keller became famous. She started appearing as a guest star in television shows. Later on, she began appearing in notable talk shows hosted by big name stars like Oprah Winfrey, Regis Philbin, and Geraldo Rivera. She is also the author of numerous bestselling books. She is now the proud host of the longest running live radio show for the mind and spirit.

Keller is also an accomplished healer. She helps people through psychotherapy and healing. With all her accomplishments, it is no wonder that her fame has reached greater heights.

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