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John Edward: A Psychic Made, Not Born

john edward
December 31st, 2013

In the mid-70s, musician Van McCoy came out with a blockbuster dance hit that enticed its listeners to “do the hustle.” It had a sweet and innocent sounding tune, never mind that a voice which kept saying “do it” and “do the hustle” was all that passed for its lyrics. It was kind of mesmerizing in a way, and that’s exactly how it is with self-professed psychic mediums like John Edward. He mesmerizes people, fascinating them, captivating them, intriguing them, and making them ask for more.
Doing the Hustle
While “doing the hustle” may have been closely identified with dance music back in the decade of the ‘70s, for the most part of modern man’s existence, “to hustle” has always informally meant to defraud or to swindle.
John Edward is a TV personality and a winner on the event circuit, no doubt about that. His full name is John Edward McGee, Jr. Good move to have shortened and simplified his performer’s name, as it’s better for easier recall.
He’s had some experience in the medical field as phlebotomist and in the world of arts as a dance instructor (are you also wondering if he and his dance students ever danced to Van McCoy’s The Hustle?). Then, he became a professional psychic medium. Now, is there anything wrong about being a professional psychic medium?
Believe It or Not
Robert Ripley, the iconic cartoonist, explorer, and creator of the “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” franchise popularized the sentiment encompassing belief and disbelief, which basically lies in the freedom to believe what you see and hear.
For all the oddities and bizarreness that Ripley helped to immortalize, there was always a corresponding proof. So, even as he lived the life esoteric, there was no flack about his ventures. After all, he did dare his audience to believe (or not) what he had to say. In contrast, professional psychic mediums often do not give this leeway. Mass media has done much to support what they do and what they claim.
In the case of John Edward, his claim to fame started after he guested on Larry King Live, eventually moving on to have his own TV shows Crossing Over with John Edward (1999-2004) and John Edward Cross Country (2006-2008)
In both shows, Edward conducts readings that are meant to connect the dead with those who are living and interested in holding a little tete-a-tete with them, only the conversation is not so private because there’s a whole audience listening in.
John Edward Cross Country goes a step beyond (no pun meant!). While Edward goes on to conduct public séances, with Cross Country, he also goes home with those who receive his readings.
Blowing Hot and Cold
Critics have claimed that Edward is able to score many hits because of his skillful and extensive use of hot readings and cold readings. Add to that the miracle of miracles: post-production editing of footage and you have a dazzling show of impressive credentials.
John Edward, by the way, has not claimed to have been born with psychic gifts, but rather that he “grew into them.” Now, that’s the truly amazing part.

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