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James Van Praagh: Clairvoyant And Spiritual Medium

James Van Praagh
September 10th, 2014

James Van Praagh is one of today’s most respected spiritual pioneers who discovered his special gift at a young age. Through the years, he has built a solid reputation as a clairvoyant and spiritual medium. He’s a producer, TV personality, and acclaimed author, having written several books, including the #1 NY Times bestseller, Talking to Heaven.
James Van Praagh was born on August 23, 1958. He was the youngest of 4 kids and brought up as a devout Roman Catholic. When he was 8, he saw a glowing hand appearing through the ceiling as he was praying. He entered the seminary at age 14 but lost interest after a spirit spoke to him, telling him to leave and “find God outside.” His mother who died in 1985, continues to visit and guide him.
But it wasn’t until he graduated from college that he developed an interest in spiritualism. He visited a medium, Brian Hurst, who told him on their first meeting that he (Van Praagh) was a medium and that he would he aided by the spirit world in altering the “consciousness of the planet.”
James Van Praagh has been communicating with the spirits for more than three decades. He continues to provide proof of life after death and has been considered a “survival evidence medium.” He believes that death is not real and that those who have “passed on” continue to exist except that they are already in a different form.
He has brought evidential data from deceased personalities including Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Andrew Carnegie, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, and even Abraham Lincoln, to name a few.
He wrote Talking to Heaven in 1997 and subsequently published Reaching to Heaven two years later. He was able to build a great reputation as a medium and had so many clients, many of which were celebrities. He has appeared on Larry King Live, Dr Phil, Oprah, The Today Show, Chelsea Lately, Coast to Coast, 20/20, The View and many others. Here is a clip of his appearance on the Chelsea Lately show:

In 2002, he also hosted his own TV show, Beyond with James Van Praagh. He even produced a mini series about his life, Living with the Dead which starred Ted Danson. His other works include: The Dead Will Tell, Ghost Whisperer, and Spirit Talk. Van Praagh has a weekly radio show, Talking To the Spirit.
In 2010, Van Praagh warned Barbara Walters that there is something wrong with her health, specifically her blood and back. Two weeks later, after being given a clean bill of health, Ms. Walters berated him on her show. But ironically, two years later, the talk show host underwent heart surgery to fix a faulty valve, thus vindicating Van Praagh.
Some paranormal investigators have also criticized tactics used by Van Praagh, saying he tends to do “hot readings” to get information from sitters.
To this day, James Van Praagh still shares his insights and experiences to help others discover their own spiritual self. He travels all over the world to conduct workshops and seminars, and is also a faculty member of the Omega Institute for Wellness. He also has a website at

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