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World Famous Psychics

J.Z. Knight: The Enlightened One’s Warrior

J.Z. Knight
December 29th, 2014

A medium is someone who purposely contacts or communicates with sprits of the dead. These “channels” use the knowledge and experiences of a spirit to understand the world better and the world beyond. Some of these mediums claim that the spirits are timeless beings, and are there to help us realize that there is a world outside ours. J.Z. Knight is one such medium.

Before The Fame and Fortune

Judy Zebra Knight was once known as Judith Darlene Hampton. She grew up poor. She attended business school in hopes of getting a better future. Unfortunately, due to financial difficulties, she had to drop out. She was forced to work at a cable television company, and had to move to Tacoma, Washington due to her work.

When she moved to Washington, she consulted a psychic to determine her future. The psychic told her that she would be visited by an entity, an “Enlightened One” real soon. She believed the psychic and waited for that moment when she would meet this entity. In 1977, she did.

The Entity Known as Ramtha

Knight was visited by the spirit Ramtha. Ramtha claimed that he was a Lemurian, a fabled sunken continent disproved by modern scientists. Ramtha told her that he was a Lemurian warrior who commanded an army, 2.5 million strong, against another fabled location, Atlantis. This battle apparently happened at about 30,000 BC.

When he was betrayed and left for dead, Ramtha lived a life in isolation. He mastered many skills, including out-of-body experiences, foresight, and telepathy. He taught his soldier (Knight) what he knew for 120 days before he bid farewell. He rose up and in a bright flash of light, and ascended with a promise that he would return. Here is an interview with Knight about Ramtha and her connection:

The Teachings of Ramtha

Through Knight, Ramtha taught people about the world beyond our own, that God is within us, and that every person can make his own reality. Knight established the Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment and used the teachings of Ramtha as the primary philosophy of the school. They emphasize on overcoming the human body in order to tap the metaphysical and “real” world.

Through training, the students of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment claim that they are taught meditation and breathing techniques, blindfolded archery, and energy healing. By attending classes and understanding their lessons, one would also have the ability to perform psychokinesis, telepathy, and clairvoyance.

A lot of people are skeptical about the teachings of Ramtha. But celebrities, like Salma Hayek and Shirley MacLaine have been attracted to her teachings. Through the years, Knight has accumulated massive followers and has made her presence known in media. It is hard to deny that people truly believe in her and the “Enlightened One” Ramtha.

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