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World Famous Psychics

Gerard Croiset: Crime Solving Parapsychologist

Gerard Croiset
December 29th, 2014

The abilities of psychics are always sought after by many. People usually go to them so they can look into their future, their health, and their success. This is one of the reasons why there are a lot of people skeptical about psychics. They believe that they can easily scam their clients and make a fortune out of it.

But then there are also psychics whose services are sought after by the police. They help them in solving cases, especially difficult ones like missing person, kidnapping, and murder.

There are times when their assistance would be fruitful, leading the police to find the person or their body. There are also times when their help is futile and no useful clues are given whatsoever.

The Early Life of Gerard Croiset

When Croiset was young, he worked for a local watchmaker. He started noticing that he was having visions and events relating to his boss. These visions appeared when he was holding some tools and equipment, and when he confronted his employer, the latter was shocked at the accuracy of Croiset’s visions.

As time went by, Croiset honed his skills and abilities. Later on, he started helping the local police authorities with certain cases where his skills could be utilized. At the end of World War II, the Dutch police sought the assistance of Croiset to help solve murder cases and find missing persons. His skills were tested and resulted in a number of successes that made him famous.

Gerard Croiset’s Fame

As news of his success and fame grew, numerous people sought his help regarding missing persons cases. Unfortunately, most of the cases he handled failed to produce clues that could help the investigations. His career took a horrid turn and his fame disappeared.

His redemption came when he got a call from someone in Japan and was told his expertise was needed. He took this opportunity to prove himself. Fortunately, he was able to give exact predictions as to the location of the body of the victim. Another case was brought to him, again in Japan. He again succeeded in giving an accurate description of the place where the victim can be located.

Gerard Croiset’s impact to the world revolved around helping police find answers. He made a lot of correct predictions, although just before his death, he once again failed to provide the help asked of him. He also viewed himself more as a psychometric, a person who can perceive information by merely touching items of value to another person.

Croiset had an interesting career. He had an early success but it went downhill when he failed to properly help with criminal cases. However, at home, he was revered by local authorities because of how helpful he was to them. And so his name lives on.

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