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George Anderson: Psychic Medium

George Anderson
September 10th, 2014

There are psychics and then there are psychic mediums. George Anderson is one of the country’s leading psychic mediums, and he is able to use his psychic abilities to communicate with the spirit world.
For over 4 decades, George Anderson has been bridging our world with the spirit world, allowing those who have been left behind to be consoled by the messages sent by their dearly departed.
George can hear the voices of the souls, and he helps them comfort and bring peace to their grieving families. He has been known to provide accurate and specific information in the messages he relays from deceased loved ones, which is why it is not just the bereaved that seeks his help. The religious, medical and scientific communities also relies on his abilities to help them solve mysteries and provide answers. Here is a clip of George being interviewed about his abilities and a test medical professionals conducted on him:

How It All Began
George Anderson wasn’t born with this gift. It was not until he was 6 years old after experiencing a near-death episode that he first saw an apparition. He contracted chicken pox, which caused encephalomyelitis and made his brain swell, damaging a part of it and made him unable to walk. His recovery was slow but 3 months later, he began to regain the use of his legs.
It wasn’t long after his recovery that he saw a woman dressed in a robe, whom he later found out was St. Joan of Arc. She talked to George, telling him about the after life, and the journey that he will need to embark upon eventually. Soon after, he began hearing and seeing dead relatives and friends. His family thought these were nothing but childhood fantasies but his visions continued. The doctors told his parents that his brain may have been permanently damaged as a result of his previous illness.
But his “episodes” continued well into his teenage years and by then, everyone was suspecting he had Schizophrenia and recommended he should be admitted to an asylum. If it were not for the intervention of a doctor who believed in his visions, George would have been locked up.
George Anderson’s Life Mission
Eventually, George realized his calling – to help those grieving from the loss of their dead loved ones find peace, comfort and hope.
Today, he has already done over 30,000 sessions, making him the most scientifically tested psychic medium of our time.
People believe that the souls chose George to become the medium of communication for the dead and the living. But doctors and other medical experts believe that such abilities were a result of the brain trauma he experienced as a child, which caused a rewiring in the brain which enables it to pick up electromagnetic energy from the souls.
No matter what side you believe, one thing is clear: George can communicate with the spirits. If you are a grieving parent, child, sibling, relative, or friend; or if you simply have questions about the after life, a session with George Anderson may provide you with the answers you seek.

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