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World Famous Psychics

Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Psychic

Edgar Cayce
December 29th, 2014

A psychic is someone who can give us a prediction of our future. One of the most widely popular and sought after psychics is Edgar Cayce.

Edgar was a famous psychic during his time. He was famous for making accurate “diagnoses” despite the fact that he lacked education and never once studied to become a doctor. People also relied on his readings to ascertain the “meaning of life” and other metaphysical philosophies. However, he himself believed that his most notable ability is healing. Here is a video recalling some of his most popular predictions:

Early Life

Edgar Cayce was not a man of privilege and money. He grew up poor and was only able to finish ninth grade. But at that time, his educational achievement was more than enough to qualify him to get a job. He took this time to find employment and tried to earn money for himself and his family. Then in 1900 he formed a business partnership with his father.

But then he got sick and suffered from laryngitis. He completely lost his voice and his ability to sell furniture (which was his main source of income). Due to his sickness, he decided to pursue photography to earn a living. He started as an apprentice and was actually good at taking pictures.

Then in 1901, everything would change when a famous hypnotist decided to help Cayce cure his condition.

Treatment and Discovery of His Gift

When the hypnotist placed Cayce in a hypnotic trance, his voice returned. However, when the trance was over, his voice was gone again. Even a posthypnotic suggestion failed to work. When the hypnotist had to leave town, Edgar’s treatment session was put on hold. Fortunately Edgar met a local hypnotist who offered him his service, and it was in one of the sessions that his gift was revealed.

During Cayce’s hypnotic trance, the local hypnotist asked him to describe the condition he was suffering. A voice responded, addressing Cayce as “we”. The voice described the condition and suggested a treatment to help cure it. When the hypnotist suggested the treatment while Cayce was still in a trance, it cured his condition and brought his voice back permanently.

Sharing His Gift

His fame begun when the hypnotist suggested to Cayce to try and help other people through his subconscious voice. Cayce was hesitant but agreed eventually with the condition that his readings would be given free of charge.

When his readings (which he provided while being put in a trance) proved helpful to so many, some wrote to him and sought his help through mail. Apparently, even postal queries to Cayce would heal the sender.

To this day, many still rely on Cayce’s readings, which are still available for public viewing in the Association for Research and Enlightenment. His gift and his willingness to offer his services without charging a single dollar made him the legend that he is today.

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