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Chip Coffey: Clairvoyant And Paranormal Investigator

chip coffey
September 10th, 2014

People who are fascinated with paranormal and psychic events are probably familiar with the name Chip Coffey. He’s a renowned clairvoyant, medium, lecturer and paranormal investigator and has provided readings all over the world. He has conducted more than 20,000 readings and has also released a book called, “Growing Up Psychic,” which is his personal life story. It also serves as a guide for people who have children with psychic abilities.
Chip has also had many TV appearances, and in fact, he was the host of the show, Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal which debuted in 2008 and ran for 3 seasons. He appeared on 31 episodes in Paranormal State. He was also featured twice on Larry King Live, as well as on Good Morning America, Nightline, and Haunted Collector, Real Fear. Here is one of his appearances on CBS Sunday Morning:

Early Life
Chip was born in New York, but moved to South Carolina where he spent most of his childhood. It was when Chip was still a child that he discovered his psychic abilities but it wasn’t until 2001 that he started working full time as a medium and psychic. As a child, he could predict if their phone would ring and who was calling. He could read the past, the present as well as the future and considers it a talent given by God. It was only when he grew up that he started seeing full body apparitions, one of which was his mother, who died in 1998.
Chip’s Abilities
According to Chip himself, he is a “precognitive clairprescient psychic” which is a technical term for a person that can forecast events happening in the future, based on the messages sent to him by spirits. He can also communicate with the spirits of the dead who are still living on Earth.
In addition to his psychic abilities, he is also a certified ghost hunter after being trained by Patti Starr. He has since been helping law enforcement agencies and the families of victims in solving murders and missing persons cases.
When asked how he receives information from the spirits, he says that the information bypasses the 5 senses that people have, and instead, the image or “video” is imprinted in his brain. He also hears messages but not as if someone was speaking to him.
He claims he also does not see spirits but instead, he feels their energy around him.
Qualities That Set Chip Apart from Other Psychics
Chip has thousands of loyal clients from all over the world. Not only because he provides precise, personal and meaningful readings but also because he ensures that the client feels calm and comfortable during their sessions. He also has a very likeable personality and in his “Coffey Talk” he never fails to make the audience laugh. He even provides free readings whenever he can. This year (2014), Chip has scheduled a 12-city tour across the country. For anyone who wants to purchase tickets or get a reading, they may visit his website at

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