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California Psychics Review

california psychics
December 24th, 2013

California Psychics® offers you an easy and convenient way to get a reading and this California Psychics review will help you determine if their psychics are indeed as good as they claim to be.
The site offers a very useful way of presenting the psychics, and you can sort them by various means such as by price, by availability, or if they are the top customer favorites. You can also filter them according to price, schedule, subjects they focus on, the tools they use, their abilities, or style (inspirational, compassionate, or straightforward). Hovering on the read bio link on each psychic gives you an idea of what to expect from each one.
Click on a psychic’s page, and you get an overview as well as some detailed information about them. There’s also a section that gives you the psychic’s schedule, and you can make an appointment for a reading directly on their pages.
If you’re a regular customer, you get some bonus features called Karma Awards. You can save up your karma points and you can get free readings, which are handy if you want to use them to try out new psychics without having to shell out money right away.

The Good
There’s an introductory price of a dollar a minute for new customers, and that’s pretty impressive considering the quality of the service they offer. California Psychics® prides itself on just how picky they are in choosing the psychics they feature, and they boast of the fact that they only accept 2 out of every hundred psychics who send their applications to them.
If you read the testimonials, the overall tone is overwhelmingly positive. Psychic readings are often very detailed and specific, and they can cover topics from work and romance to more esoteric concerns such as lost pets and past lives.
Unsatisfactory psychic connections are very rare, and when they do happen you don’t have to worry about anything because you get credits back if you’re unsatisfied.
The Bad
But of course no psychic website is perfect and with California Psychics® one of the main issues is that you’re limited to just phone readings here, and while that may be good for those who want to keep it simple, some people do prefer to chat with their psychics.
Also, some of the psychics may charge a whole lot more than just a dollar a minute. Their priciest psychics charge $13 a minute, which translates to $780 per hour. However, when they sort the psychics according to price they list the most affordable psychics first, so if you have a budget to work with, then you won’t really have a hard time finding the cheaper psychics.
One other drawback is that while you can get credit request for unsatisfactory psychic connections, you won’t get your money back. You’re also limited to claiming an unsatisfactory reading once a month.
California Psychics® has been in business since 1995, and that’s a long time to stay in business. Having said that, we highly recommend their services in our California Psychics review. California Psychics® truly delivers what it promises. If you are interested in a finding the answers to life’s toughest questions on love, relationships, or your career, you can get a reading at the California Psychics Website Here

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