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Allison DuBois: Psychic Medium

Allison Dubois
September 10th, 2014

Allison DuBois is a very popular psychic and has long been known to help law enforcement solve murder mysteries. She has written several best-selling books, and even has an acclaimed primetime network TV show, Medium, based around her life story.
The Early Life of Allison DuBois
Allison was born on the 24th of January 1972 in Phoenix, AZ where she has lived most of her life. She discovered her supernatural abilities at a very young age. When she was 6, she was visited by her grandmother’s spirit although it was not until she was in her teens that she became aware of her ability to communicate with the souls. At 17, a spirit appeared and told her to move her bed to the other end of the room, which she followed. Two hours later, a truck slammed into their house, and into her bedroom in the exact spot where her bed originally was.
Becoming a Medium
After she graduated high school, Allison studied Political Science at the Arizona State University. She had a real passion for law and wanted to be a lawyer so she interned with the District Attorney in AZ. But she eventually realized that utilizing her uncanny abilities to locate missing children and profile criminals was more important to her. She helped the Texas Rangers and the FBI solve numerous cases and continues to do so today. She claims she has also been hired on several occasions to help in jury selection for homicide and rape cases. Here is her being interviewed on an Australian talk show about her abilities:

Allison’s Books
Allison DuBois has written 4 books, three of which became NY Times bestsellers. Her first book which was completed in 2005, Don’t Kiss Them Goodbye, became an instant hit. In this book, Allison talked about her childhood and how her life was changed when her father died. This book was adapted into the TV show Medium, aired from 2005 until 2011 on CBS and NBC.
One year after publishing her first book, she published another one, We are Their Heaven: Why the Dead Never Leave Us. Here, she explains why the spirits of the dead never live this world and that heaven was something each individual creates. This book, like the first one, also became quite a sensation.
Her third and fourth book were published in 2007 and 2011, respectively. These were titled Secrets of the Monarch: What the Dead can Teach Us About Living a Better Life and Talk to Me-What the Dead Whisper in Your Ear.
Today, Allison DuBois continues to conduct seminars in the US and in other parts of the globe. Upcoming seminars include some parts of Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Allison balances her time giving psychic readings, conducting seminars, volunteering to help solve criminal cases, and spending time with her family. She’s married to Joe DuBois whom she met while still in college. They have 3 daughters – Sophia, Aurora and Fallon, who she says also have supernatural gifts. The family lives in Phoenix, AZ. You can visit here website at

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