Clairvoyant Encounters: Are Psychics Real?

The meaning of clairvoyant is defined as “the ability to see beyond that of ordinary perception”. Whether it be things like extrasensory perception (ESP) or your latest psychic chat room, people are all too skeptical about the unknown and whether such powers exist. However there have been so many recorded occurrences of such supernatural events that it is debatable whether or not such things are in fact real. There are just as many debunked hoaxes as there are unexplained mysteries, and this causes further confusion that adds to the mystique of clairvoyant powers.
It should be noted that psychics and clairvoyants are different, though they are often interchanged. Both predict the future, but there are different subtleties that distinguish the two. The art of fortune telling is a practice that has gone back thousands of years, with well recorded predictions of both supernatural beings.

The word “psychic” is actually derived from the Greek word “psychikos” and means “of the mind”, and throughout history rulers and common folk alike have been intrigued and advised by these people claiming to have clairvoyant abilities.
Generally psychics rely on things like astrology as a means of predicting the future. The relative position of such celestial bodies has been used to predict upcoming events, and it still remains a popular way for modern day psychics to predict the future.
The word “clairvoyant” is actually French meaning “clear vision”. Clairvoyants generally do not deal with things like astrology or elaborate set-ups to predict the future like their psychic counterparts, rather they rely on “visions” that are bestowed unto them.


As time went on clairvoyants and psychics have become synonymous and more or less undistinguishable amongst popular culture. People continue to be amazed by those who have, or at least claim to have, the ability to predict the future. Some people think it is a bunch of hogwash, while others make life altering decisions based on the rhetoric of such advisors. Some believe it to be all fun and games, while others think it to be demonic and sinful.
No matter what side of the fence you are on, this site will hopefully give you insight into the unknown where you can make a decision yourself. There are many things in this world that are a mystery, and psychic powers and clairvoyant beings are a part of those that still intrigue people to this day.